Elevate Leadership & Mentoring Among All Faculty Ranks

Faculty Leadership

Faculty are the heart of the university, and we must advance not only their research, teaching, and service, but also their personal development. Cultivating and nurturing talent is one of the best investments we can make for a thriving school. We must mentor faculty from their first days on campus so that they understand the value of excellence in research, teaching, and service. We must identify faculty and staff who have the potential for leadership, provide appropriate skills and tools needed for success, and nurture those in leadership to be intellectual ground breakers and examples for the next generation of scholars. Such professional development has both short and long-term consequences for the health and continuing advancement of TCA&S. In addition, it provides an effective form of preemptive retention to keep our best talent at Duke, particularly for those offered attractive opportunities elsewhere. Leadership and mentoring promulgate a strong culture of service back to the University and emphasize faculty are valued for their contributions to the Duke community.

Our Goals

  • Identify faculty with potential to become leaders 
  • Recruit and retain chairs who can effectively develop and manage departments 
  • Provide training for new chairs and ongoing development opportunities for all chairs 
  • Provide opportunities for all faculty to develop to their full potential 
  • Increase the communication between the deans’ offices, the TCA&S departments, and other constituents to promote a greater understanding of our shared values.