Trinity Parents

Parents of Trinity students, past and present, know what a Duke education can mean to the future success of their child. The generosity of our parents has a lasting impact on today's students and generations to come. We consider you part of the Duke family and recognize that the support you provide is critical to the school's ongoing success.

Trinity Parents Annual Fund Campaign

The Annual Fund is essential to carrying out our mission to educate students who become leaders in service to society. Whether it's discovering new insight into how our brains are wired for empathy and moral decision making, exploring how to improve the effectiveness of deploying international aid after national disasters, or discovering new particles that help explain how matter forms molecules, this mission requires significant resources beyond what is covered by tuition alone. These opportunities prepare Duke students in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences to face important societal challenges both locally and globally.

Make your contribution to the Duke Annual Fund today on behalf of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

Duke Parents Committee

The Duke Parents Committee has 300+ members whose enthusiasm and commitment fuel the success of the Duke Parents Program. Members enjoy developing a connection with the university and with each other, and many parent volunteers choose to stay active on the committee even after their children graduate.