Graduate Programs

Graduate students are an invaluable part of all we do at Duke, as they pursue their own groundbreaking research and collaborate with our faculty while also contributing to undergraduate teaching, co-curricular offerings and campus culture. Our mission to deliver a world-class liberal arts education in a research environment not only includes graduate students – it depends on them.

A substantial portion of Duke’s graduate student population resides in the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, distributed across programs in the Arts & Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. In Trinity, we believe that every student is a Duke student. As such, we owe our graduates the same transformative experience that we routinely deliver to our undergraduates.

While The Graduate School attends to many of the logistical and administrative functions of our programs, Trinity leadership and faculty members are working to advance new modes of mentorship consistently across our programs that, among other goals, clearly illuminate pathways to non-academic careers. We want to prioritize graduate student health and wellness, and believe that systems of peer mentoring and other efforts to create a stronger sense of community are important to that aim. Finally, Duke has also made a commitment to 12-month funding for all graduate students in order to ensure we continue attracting the very best applicants.

We are committed to ensuring that graduate education is a consistently excellent experience for every student in our doctoral and master’s programs. Additional information can also be found on individual departmental websites.

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For Prospective Students

The Graduate School manages more than 80 Ph.D. and master's programs at Duke – including all of those housed within Trinity College of Arts & Sciences departments and programs. The school offers numerous resources that enhance the graduate student experience, advocates for students' needs, provides a larger community of support for students outside their departments and programs, and sets policies that ensure students receive a high-quality educational experience.

Visit their website learn more about Admissions timelines, financial support, student life at Duke and more:

For Current Students

Many units at Duke want to collaborate with and support our graduate students, as do external organizations and institutions. The Graduate School shares the most recent career, training, and other opportunities that may be of interest to graduate students as a running collection on this website:

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