Majors & Minors

Subject Majors Minors
African & African American Studies African & African American Studies, BA African & African American Studies
Art History Art History, BA Art History
Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, BA Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Asian American & Diaspora Studies
Biology Biology, BA
Biology, BS
Biophysics Biophysics, BA
Biophysics, BS
Brazilian & Global Portuguese Brazilian & Global Portuguese, BA Brazilian & Global Portuguese
Chemistry Chemistry, BS
Chemistry, BA
Classics Classical Languages, BA
Classical Civilization, BA
Classical Archaeology
Classical Civilization
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics   Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Computer Science Computer Science, BS
Computer Science, BA
Computer Science
Cultural Anthropology Cultural Anthropology, BA Cultural Anthropology
Dance Dance, BA Dance
Earth & Climate Sciences Earth & Climate Sciences, AB
Earth & Climate Sciences, BS
Earth & Climate Sciences
Economics Economics, BS
Economics, BA
Education   Education
Elementary Teacher Preparation
Secondary Teacher Preparation
English English, BA English
Creative Writing
Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences, BS  
Environmental Sciences & Policy Environmental Sciences & Policy, BA Environmental Sciences & Policy
Evolutionary Anthropology Evolutionary Anthropology, BS
Evolutionary Anthropology, BA
Evolutionary Anthropology
Finance   Finance
French Studies French & Francophone Studies, BA French Studies
Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, BA Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Sexuality Studies
German German, BA German
Global Cultural Studies Global Cultural Studies, BA Global Cultural Studies
Global Health Global Health, Co-major Global Health
Greek   Greek
History History, BA

Inequality Studies

Interdepartmental Major Interdepartmental Major, BA
Interdepartmental Major, BS
International Comparative Studies International Comparative Studies, BA  
Italian Studies Italian & European Studies, BA Italian Studies
Journalism and Media Studies  

Journalism and Media

Latin   Latin
Linguistics Linguistics, BA Linguistics
Mathematics Mathematics, BS
Mathematics, BA
Marine Science & Conservation Marine Science & Conservation, AB
Marine Science & Conservation, BS
Marine Science & Conservation
Medieval & Renaissance Studies Medieval & Renaissance Studies, BA Medieval & Renaissance Studies
Music Music, BA Music
Neuroscience Neuroscience, BS
Neuroscience, BA
Philosophy Philosophy, BA Philosophy
Physics Physics, BA
Physics, BS
Political Science Political Science, BA Political Science
Program II (alternative major) Program II, BS
Program II, BA
Psychology Psychology, BS
Psychology, BA
Public Policy Public Policy Studies, BA  
Religious Studies Religious Studies, BA Religious Studies
Romance Studies Romance Studies, BA  
Russian Russian, BA Russian and East European Literatures in Translation
Russian Culture & Language
Slavic & Eurasian Studies Slavic & Eurasian Studies, BA Polish Culture & Language
Sociology Sociology, BA Sociology
Medical Sociology
Spanish Spanish, Latin American & Latino/a Studies, BA Spanish Studies
Statistical Science Statistical Science, BS
Statistical Science, BA
Statistical Science
Theater Studies Theater Studies, BA Theater Studies
Musical Theater
Visual Arts Visual Arts, BA Visual Arts
Cinematic Arts
Visual & Media Studies Visual & Media Studies, BA Visual & Media Studies