Interdepartmental Major

If your academic interests encompass two academic disciplines in Trinity College, you may wish to consider declaring an interdepartmental major (or IDM). The IDM draws in equal measure upon two Trinity College departments or programs that offer a major.

There are two types of Interdepartmental Majors in Trinity College:

  • Student-originated IDMs, which are individualized programs proposed by a student, and
  • Department-originated IDMs that students can declare similar to any other major.

Read the Policy Regarding IDM

Current, Active Departmental IDMs

  • Ancient Religion & Society (IDM for Classical Studies and Religious Studies). Began Fall 2018
  • Computational Media – (IDM for Visual and Media Studies and Computer Science). Began Fall 2021
  • IDM in Linguistics and Computer Science. Began Fall 2019
  • IDM in Math and Computer Science on Data Science. Began Fall 2020
  • IDM in Statistics and Computer Science on Data Science. Began Fall 2018