Award Winning Teachers

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences faculty who have won teaching, service, mentoring and research awards.

Dean's Diversity Award

Priscilla Wald, Profsessor
Priscilla Wald

Priscilla Wald, R. Florence Brinkley Professor of English, Chair of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies - 2018 Winner  “Professor Priscilla Wald has been a strong leader in advocating for a more diverse faculty at Duke. She always steps up to lead when issues of diversity are at stake,” said nominator Kevin Moore, vice dean for Faculty, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

“We have seen sustained evidence for this in her home department (English) as well as in Gender, Sexuality & Feminist (GSF) Studies where Priscilla has been chair for the last three years," said Moore. "In GSF, she led the targeted recruitment of a scholar of color and this effort led to an open search this academic year in Black Feminisms and the successful hire of a very promising junior scholar.”

Year Recipient Department
2018 Priscilla Wald English, Gender,  Sexuality & Feminist Studies
2017 Sherryl Broverman Biology
2016 Calvin Howell Physics


David and Janet Vaughan Brooks Award

Ashwin Machanavajjhala, assistant professor
Ashwin Machanavajjhala

Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science - 2018 Winner  “One remarkable thing about Ashwin’s teaching record is that every single one of the three courses he has taught at Duke has been a new creation," said Pankaj Agarwal, chair of the Department of Computer Science.

"Several students wrote nomination letters for Ashwin, and they are unequivocal in their praise for the quality of his courses, his teaching style and effectiveness, and his accessibility and dedication to students. He is deeply involved in undergraduate research and also serves as mentor to students at the North Carolina School for Science & Math," said Agarwal. "In addition, he is an extremely talented and productive researcher, recognized as a leader of his research area, and outspoken, engaging member of our department with vision and ideas.”

Year Recipient Department
2018 Ashwin Machanavajjhala Computer Science
2017 Dorian Canelas Chemistry
2016 Henry Greenside Physics
2015 Eric Spana Biology
2014 Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel Statistical Science
2013 Jun Yang, Professor Computer Science
2012 Mohamed Noor, Professor Biology
2011 Christina Williams, Professor Psychology & Neuroscience
2010 Carlo Tomasi, Professor Computer Science
2009 Leslie Digby, Assistant Professor of the Practice Evolutionary Anthropology
2008 MIchael Reed, Professor Mathematics
2007 Alexander Hartemink, Assistant Professor Computer Science
2006 Steven Craig, Assistant Professor Chemistry
2005 Sherryl Broverman, Assistant Professor of the Practice Biology
2004 Alvin Crumbliss, Professor Chemistry
2003 Amin Vahdat, Assistant Professor Computer Science
2002 Alexander Motten, Associate Professor of the Practice Biology
2001 James Bonk, Professor Chemistry
2000 Jairo Moreno, Assistant Professor Music
1999 John Clum, Professor English
1998 Ruth Grant, Associate Professor Political Science


Robert B. Cox Award

Kimberly Lamm
Kimberly Lamm

Kimberly Lamm, Associate Professor of the Practice, Program in Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies - 2018 Winner  “Professor Lamm is an extraordinarily gifted and creative teacher,” said Priscilla Wald, chair of the Program in Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies. “She stands out for her enrollments, her excellent evaluations, the number of honors theses she directs, and the number of students who request her as an advisor."

"In a group of exceptionally dedicated teachers, she is the one I most often see in her office talking to students and at student activities, and the one who most often brings ideas for undergraduate student activities and outreach to our meetings. I routinely hear from students about her passion for her material, the excitement she generates in class, and her availability to work with them outside of class and office hours," said Wald.

Year Recipient Department
2018 Kimberly Lamm Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
2017 Kathi Weeks Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
2016 Harris Solomon Cultural Anthropology
2015 Alex Harris Center for Documentary Studies
2014 Rebecca Bach Sociology
2013 Christopher Roy Chemistry
2012 Michael Moses, Professor English
2011 Richard MacPhail, Professor Chemistry
2010 Mark Anthony Neal, Professor African & African American Studies
2009 Diane Nelson, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
2008 Daniel Rittschoff, Associate Professor NSOE/Marine Lab
2007 Jan Riggsbee, Assistant Professor of the Practice Education
2006 Sonke Johnsen, Assistant Professor Biology
2005 Suzanne Shanahan, Assistant Professor Sociology
2004 Orin Starn, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
2003 Laurie Shannon, Assistant Professor English
2002 Victor Strandberg, Professor English
2001 Thomas Ferraro, Associate Professor English
2000 Ingeborg Walther, Professor Germanic Languages and Literature
1999 Michael Littman, Assistant Professor Computer Science
1998 Roxanne Springer, Assistant Professor Physics
1997 Jennifer Higa, Assistant Research Professor Psychology-Experimental
1996 Daniele Armaleo, Assistant Professor of the Practice Botany
1995 Owen Astrachan, Assistant Professor of the Practice Computer Science
1994 Bruce Kohorn, Associate Professor Botany
1993 Stephen Nowicki, Assistant Professor Zoology


Howard D. Johnson Award

Peter Feaver, Professor
Peter Feaver

Peter Feaver, Professor, Department of Political Science - 2018 Winner  “Professor Feaver embodies all that is great about Duke’s educational mission: he is an internationally-known scholar, an outstanding teacher, and an educational entrepreneur,” said Georg Vanberg, chair of the Department of Political Science.

“He invests enormous energy in providing a rich educational experience that extends far beyond the formal classroom. For example, as part of his American Grand Strategy Program, he takes students on field trips to destinations that have played a significant role in American foreign policy, diplomacy, and history," said Vanberg. "And he works diligently to foster an academic community of current students and alumni. Within this network, current students are paired with mentors among the alumni–often a significant benefit as students begin to contemplate their careers after Duke.”

Year Recipient Department
2018 Peter Feaver Political Science
2017 Jessica Namakkal International Comparative Studies
2016 Mark Goodacre Religious Studies
2015 Susan Thorne History
2014 James W. Roberts Economics
2013 Ralph Litzinger, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
2012 Laurent Dubois, Professor Romance Studies, History
2011 Michelle Connolly, Professor of the Practice Economics
2010 Laura R. Edwards, Professor History
2009 Peter English, Professor History
2008 Huseyin Yildirim, Associate Professor Economics
2007 Claudia Koonz, Professor History
2006 Thomas Robisheaux, Associate Professor History
2005 Edward Balleisen, Associate Professor History
2004 Michael Munger, Professor Political Science
2003 Lori Leachman, Associate Professor of the Practice Economics
2002 Allen Kelley, Professor Economics
2001 Craufurd Goodwin, Professor Economics
2000 Neil De Marchi, Professor Economics
1999 Frederick Mayer, Associate Professor Public Policy
1998 Daniel Graham, Professor Economics
1997 Anthony Brown, Professor of the Practice Public Policy
1996 Gary Gereffi, Professor Sociology
1995 Thomas McCollough, Professor Religion
1994 Helen Ladd, Professor Public Policy
1993 Albert Eldridge, Associate Professor Political Science
1992 Roy Weintraub, Professor Economics
1991 Kenneth Spenner, Professor Sociology
1990 Ole Holsti, Professor Political Science


Richard K. Lublin Award

Robin Kirk, Lecturer
Robin Kirk

Robin Kirk, Lecturer, Department of Cultural Anthropology and International Comparative Studies; Co-Chair, Duke Human Rights Center - 2018 Winner  “Here at Duke, we pride ourselves on developing innovative, high-impact learning practices like Duke Immerse, Focus, Humanities Labs, and Bass Connections. Robin Kirk has been a leader in just about every one of these endeavors,” said nominator Lee D. Baker, chair of the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Director of the International Comparative Studies Program.

“She demonstrates how students can learn without limits by creatively teaching about human rights, memory, and the creation of borders and borderlands. In addition to teaching, she directs the popular Belfast program for DukeEngage and co-created the Human Rights Certificate Program," said Baker.  "She continually innovates her pedagogical practices and collaborates with faculty throughout the humanities and social sciences. Her ability to leverage the Franklin Humanities Institute, Bass Connections, and DukeEngage has been extraordinary for our students."

Year Recipient Department
2018 Robin Kirk Cultural Anthropology, International Comparative Studies
2017 Markos Hadjioannou Literature Program
2016 JoAnne VanTuyl Slavic & Eurasian Studies
2015 Michael Hardt Program in Literature
2014 Erdag Goknar Slavic & Eurasian Studies
2013 Purnima Shah, Dance Dance
2012 Michael Ferejohn, Associate Professor Philosophy
2011 Elena Maksimova, Professor of the Practice Slavic and Eurasian Studies
2010 Margaret Greer, Professor Romance Studies
2009 Andrew Janiak, Associate Professor Philosophy
2008 Wesley Kort, Professor Religion
2007 Lee Baker, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
2006 Jehanne Gheith, Associate Professor Slavic and Eurasian Studies
2005 Peter McIsaac, Assistant Professor Germanic Languages and Literature
2004 Christina Askounis, Lecturer English
2003 Naomi Quinn, Professor Cultural Anthropology
2002 Owen Astrachan, Professor of the Practice Computer Science
2001 Clare Tufts, Associate Professor of the Practice Romance Studies
2000 Ian Baucom, Assistant Professor English
1999 Guven Guzeldere, Assistant Professor Philosophy
1998 Marie Lynn Miranda, Professor Nicholas School of the Environment
1998 Clay Teliafero, Professor of the Practice Dance
1997 Malachi Hocohen, Assistant Professor History
1997 Deborah Pope, Professor English
1996 Paule Gronke, Assistant Professor Political Science
1996 Jennifer Thorn, Assistant Professor English
1995 David Bell, Professor Romance Studies
1995 Jean O'Barr, Professor Women's Studies
1994 Kristine Stiles, Associate Professor Art & Art History
1994 Wendy Luttrell, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
1993 Edna Andrews, Associate Professor Slavic Languages and Literature
1993 Lewis Blake, Assistant Professor of the Practice Mathematics


Teaching with Technology Award

This award, co-sponsored by the Center for Instructional Technology, recognizes teaching excellence with a significant technology component. The faculty winner will receive a $5,000 prize. The award is open to all faculty who teach Trinity College of Arts & Sciences undergraduates.

Evaluation criteria:

  • uses technology with a focus on student learning and engagement
  • collaborates and shares innovative aspects of the teaching experience to the broader community
  • assesses the impact of student learning
Year Recipient Department
2015 Connel Fullencamp Economics
2014 Denise Comer Thompson Writing Program
2013 Ronen Plesser, Associate Professor Physics


Dean's Leadership Award

This award recognizes a group that has demonstrated exceptional leadership to the department, college or university through research, teaching or service. All faculty and staff of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences are eligible for the award. The winning team will share a prize of $5,000.

Evaluation criteria:

  • makes a distinctive contribution to research, teaching or service
  • reflects effective teamwork
  • extends relationships within and across departments, programs, the school or the university
  • contributes to a group effort that has significant impact

Paul Bendich
Paul Bendich

Paul Bendich, Assistant Research Professor in Mathematics, Duke Information Initiative - 2018 Winner  “Paul has shown real leadership in developing Data+ into a university model, in developing the new joint Mathematics/Pratt data course, and in advocating for our STEM students,” said Jonathan Mattingly, chair of the Department of Mathematics.

“With the Data+ program, he has masterfully worked with students, mentors and sponsors alike. He identified and developed projects, helped students with the research and secured funding. He has turned Data+ into a hugely successful program, with a national reputation and clones across campus. Equally impressive is the fact that he centered many Data+ projects on social justice and social issues relevant to the Durham community," said Mattingly. "He has also been very involved in developing a new Data Science course between mathematics and Pratt and when the department developed a pathways program for the weakest mathematics students, Paul advocated for these students' needs and helped to design a summer research experience."

Year Team Members Department(s)
2018 Paul Bendich Mathematics
2017 Naval Science Advisor Team - Maj. Joseph Steinfels, associate professor of naval science; Capt. Barry Morris, visiting assistant professor; Lt. Joseph Bivans, visiting assistant professor; Lt. Christopher Thumen, visiting assistant professor; Lt. Alexander Dworjan, visiting assistant professor; Lt. Karl Meyer, visiting assistant professor; and GySgt Zach Doty, USMC. Navy ROTC
2016 Caroline Bruzelius for Wired! Art, Art History & Visual Studies
2015 Chemistry Outreach Program, Kenneth Lyle Chemistry
2014 Spanish Language Program's Civic Engagement Initiative - Eileen Anderson, Joan Clifford, Rebecca Ewing, Bethzaida Fernandez, Lisa Merschel, Joan Munne, Liliana Parades, Maria Romero, Melissa Simmermeyer, Rosa Solorzano, Graciela Vidal, and William Villalba Romance Studies
2013 Ayana Arce, Ashutosh Kotwal, Al Goshaw, Mark Kruse, Seog Oh, Jack Fowler, Chiho Wang, William Ebenstein, Doug Benjamin, Andrea Bocci Physics


Dean's Distinguished Service Award

Year Recipient
2012 Ruth Day, Psychology & Neuroscience
2011 David Malone, Program in Education
2010 James Bonk, Chemistry
2009 Suzanne Shanahan, Sociology
2008 Mary T. Boatwright, Classical Studies
2007 Alvin Crumbliss, Chemistry


Award for Excellence in Advising

The Award for Excellence in Advising, first presented in 2007, honors faculty and staff advisers who have helped guide undergraduates in the first two years at Duke.

Franca Alphin
Franca Alphin

Franca Alphin - Volunteer College Advisor for 11 years; Associate Professor in Community and Family Medicine – 2018 Winner  “Franca loves getting to know our amazing young men and women, and supporting their dreams by offering direction and support,” said David Rabiner, director of the Academic Advising Center.

Her student nominators each noted Alphin’s interest in their well-being in addition to their academic performance. “She’s helped me to take a breath and reevaluate what I want with my education…I can be successful regardless of the setbacks I face,” noted one student.

Another said he appreciates that Alphin reaches out to other faculty members and administrators to ensure that she is giving him a consolidated, informed answer to his questions. And, that when he told her life was getting really hard, she recommended multiple things to help and kept in touch with him.

Rann Bar-on
Rann Bar-On

Rann Bar-On - Volunteer College Advisor for 12 years; Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics – 2018 Winner  “Rann is especially interested in advising first-generation and minority students at Duke. He works to address issues of poverty, race and discrimination, both seen and unseen,” said Rabiner. “He has found that facing such challenges head-on allows disadvantaged students to be open and forthright about issues they are faced with that they often find hostile and intimidating in an environment such as Duke.”

One student nominator said that Bar-On has simply been fundamental to his Duke experience. “He genuinely cares about my college career and has encouraged me to think outside my traditional views of education by taking courses outside my major and requirements.”

Year Recipient
2018 Franca Alphin, Community and Family Medicine
Rann Bar-On, Mathematics
2017 Catherine Admay, Public Policy
Sue Wasiolek, Student Affairs
2016 Lewis Blake, Mathematics
Lee Willard, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
2015 Deboran Johnson, Office of Undergraduate Education
Steve Baldwin, Chemistry
2014 Kelly Cottrell, Professional Development Institute


University Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award

Year Recipient Department
2013 Edna Andrews, Professor Slavic & Eurasian Studies
2011 William Chafe, Professor History


Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing

Emily Parks, lecturer
Emily Parks

Emily Parks, Lecturing Fellow, Thompson Writing Program - 2018 Winner  "From a very strong pool of nominations, Lecturing Fellow Emily Parks emerged as this year's award winner," said Clare Woods, director of the Thompson Writing Program. "For her course, titled Neurolaw, she draws on her own background in Cognitive Neuroscience to explore complex and topical questions - e.g. can advances in neuroscience inform our modern justice system? All the while, Emily creates a welcoming, innovative, and intellectually rigorous classroom environment that builds her students' confidence as writers and critical thinkers."

Award recipient names are maintained on the Thompson Writing Program website at this URL:


Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award (ADUTA)

Karin Shapiro, associate professor
Karin Shapiro

Karin Shapiro, Associate Professor of the Practice, Department of African & African American Studies - 2018 Winner  There is a common thread of appreciation in the student nominations for Dr. Shapiro: her classroom is not a place where she lectures facts at a group of silent students.

“She sees the classroom as rich soil to create new ideas, to play intellectual tug of war with students, to think and share freely. The classroom is where people are peers, with a unified mission toward truth,” notes one student. Nominators appreciated Shapiro’s dedication to getting to know each of them individually, inside and outside of the classroom. They valued her ethos for openness, curiosity and compassion, and for giving rich context to modern events by connecting them to the concepts and histories discussed in class.

Award recipient names are maintained on the Duke Alumni Associate website at this URL:

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

Year Recipient Department
2016 Sherryl Broverman Biology