Award Winning Teachers

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences faculty who have won teaching, service, mentoring and research awards.

Aimee KwonDean's Diversity Award

Nayoung Aimee Kwon, Associate Professor, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

From colleagues: She has ardently voiced the urgency of addressing the needs and concerns of the rapidly diversifying and internationalizing body of students on Duke campus, and thereby contributed to putting the issues on a variety of institutional platforms.”

As a scholar/intellectual committed to social and racial justice as well as in her capacity as the Director of Asian American Studies Programs, Prof. Kwon responded to recent situations of sensitive language, culture and race issues surfacing in various departments with great conviction and determination."

“What is most impressive about Aimee’s contribution to the Duke community is her vision and leadership in promoting conversations around what needs to change fundamentally at Duke.”



Year Recipient Department
2019 Nayoung Aimee Kwon Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
2018 Priscilla Wald English, Gender,  Sexuality & Feminist Studies
2017 Sherryl Broverman Biology
2016 Calvin Howell Physics


Dean's Leadership Award

This award recognizes a group of people or an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership to the department, college or university through research, teaching or service. All faculty and staff of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences are eligible for the award. The winning team will share a prize of $5,000.

Evaluation criteria:

  • makes a distinctive contribution to research, teaching or service
  • reflects effective teamwork
  • extends relationships within and across departments, programs, the school or the university
  • contributes to a group effort that has significant impact
ViegoAntonio Viego, Associate Professor, Literature

From colleagues: Viego’s professional commitment, dedication, and generosity as a key department officer are legendary. He is extraordinarily generous with his time. I can attest to how frequently he meets with students, including majors, minors, and all those who are considering taking our courses or becoming affiliated with Global Cultural Studies.”


“His zealous application to his job goes beyond just the parameters of what is immediately needed for the students’ graduation; instead, it extends to advising them on how to plan for a successful future after they have left Duke, how to navigate difficult decisions about their current and future career tracks, and how to overcome obstacles that complicate their overall happiness as young scholars.”


“I have heard many students describe Professor Viego as the mentor that saved their Duke experience. I have seen firsthand the effect his support and guidance has made in their academic development and belief in themselves.”


From students:Antonio connected the dots for me, he made the words on the paper come to life, and he nourished my ability to do the same with my own words. Under his direction, I was at my best: the most you can say of any leader.”


“He makes difficult material accessible to students of all levels and strives to illuminate (and succeeds in doing so) the real-world consequences of academic inquiry.”



Year Team Members Department(s)
2019 Antonio Viego Literature
2018 Paul Bendich Mathematics
2017 Naval Science Advisor Team - Maj. Joseph Steinfels, associate professor of naval science; Capt. Barry Morris, visiting assistant professor; Lt. Joseph Bivans, visiting assistant professor; Lt. Christopher Thumen, visiting assistant professor; Lt. Alexander Dworjan, visiting assistant professor; Lt. Karl Meyer, visiting assistant professor; and GySgt Zach Doty, USMC. Navy ROTC
2016 Caroline Bruzelius for Wired! Art, Art History & Visual Studies
2015 Chemistry Outreach Program, Kenneth Lyle Chemistry
2014 Spanish Language Program's Civic Engagement Initiative - Eileen Anderson, Joan Clifford, Rebecca Ewing, Bethzaida Fernandez, Lisa Merschel, Joan Munne, Liliana Parades, Maria Romero, Melissa Simmermeyer, Rosa Solorzano, Graciela Vidal, and William Villalba Romance Studies
2013 Ayana Arce, Ashutosh Kotwal, Al Goshaw, Mark Kruse, Seog Oh, Jack Fowler, Chiho Wang, William Ebenstein, Doug Benjamin, Andrea Bocci Physics


Susan RodgerDavid and Janet Vaughan Brooks Award

Susan Rodger, Professor of the Practice, Computer Science

From colleagues: She is passionate about undergraduate teaching, research, and mentoring, and increasing the diversity of students enrolled in computer science not only at Duke but also at the national level. She is an effective, creative, and caring educator and mentor."


From students: “She taught a really great class that — decades later — still stands out as being full of interesting activities, assignments, and other interventions that were really ahead of their time for pedagogical techniques such as active learning.”


“Working with Dr. Rodger undoubtedly provided me a world class opportunity to grow through engaging in high-quality research.”


“I believe that she is an educator who teaches with passion and innovation, who cares about her students as persons, who mentors prospective computer scientists, and who inspires women in computing.”


Year Recipient Department
2019 Susan Rodger Computer Science
2018 Ashwin Machanavajjhala Computer Science
2017 Dorian Canelas Chemistry
2016 Henry Greenside Physics
2015 Eric Spana Biology
2014 Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel Statistical Science
2013 Jun Yang, Professor Computer Science
2012 Mohamed Noor, Professor Biology
2011 Christina Williams, Professor Psychology & Neuroscience
2010 Carlo Tomasi, Professor Computer Science
2009 Leslie Digby, Assistant Professor of the Practice Evolutionary Anthropology
2008 MIchael Reed, Professor Mathematics
2007 Alexander Hartemink, Assistant Professor Computer Science
2006 Steven Craig, Assistant Professor Chemistry
2005 Sherryl Broverman, Assistant Professor of the Practice Biology
2004 Alvin Crumbliss, Professor Chemistry
2003 Amin Vahdat, Assistant Professor Computer Science
2002 Alexander Motten, Associate Professor of the Practice Biology
2001 James Bonk, Professor Chemistry
2000 Jairo Moreno, Assistant Professor Music
1999 John Clum, Professor English
1998 Ruth Grant, Associate Professor Political Science


Kevin WelsherRobert B. Cox Award

Kevin Welsher, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

From colleagues:Kevin has demonstrated a continuous and concerted commitment to teaching at all levels. It is in our Physical Chemistry (PChem) undergraduate sequence that Kevin’s unique style and student-focused approaches has been most impactful."

“Kevin has found the right model for classroom success by thinking outside of the proverbial box. PChem courses are well known for their demanding workload and intensity. It is clear that Kevin’s intentional connection with students is part of what helps students access the technically challenging content of PChem.”

“Kevin has been an exemplary course instructor, undergraduate advisor and research mentor, and as such serves as a model for all of our faculty.”

From students: “This class is difficult but Dr. Welsher makes everything worth it.” and “Dr. Welsher renewed my passion for chemistry.”


Professor Welsher is an excellent instructor. He explains very difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner.


“Dr. Welsher did an incredible job teaching the material. He was extremely helpful during office hours and wanted the best for all of the students in the class.”


Year Recipient Department
2019 Kevin Welsher Chemistry
2018 Kimberly Lamm Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
2017 Kathi Weeks Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
2016 Harris Solomon Cultural Anthropology
2015 Alex Harris Center for Documentary Studies
2014 Rebecca Bach Sociology
2013 Christopher Roy Chemistry
2012 Michael Moses, Professor English
2011 Richard MacPhail, Professor Chemistry
2010 Mark Anthony Neal, Professor African & African American Studies
2009 Diane Nelson, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
2008 Daniel Rittschoff, Associate Professor NSOE/Marine Lab
2007 Jan Riggsbee, Assistant Professor of the Practice Education
2006 Sonke Johnsen, Assistant Professor Biology
2005 Suzanne Shanahan, Assistant Professor Sociology
2004 Orin Starn, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
2003 Laurie Shannon, Assistant Professor English
2002 Victor Strandberg, Professor English
2001 Thomas Ferraro, Associate Professor English
2000 Ingeborg Walther, Professor Germanic Languages and Literature
1999 Michael Littman, Assistant Professor Computer Science
1998 Roxanne Springer, Assistant Professor Physics
1997 Jennifer Higa, Assistant Research Professor Psychology-Experimental
1996 Daniele Armaleo, Assistant Professor of the Practice Botany
1995 Owen Astrachan, Assistant Professor of the Practice Computer Science
1994 Bruce Kohorn, Associate Professor Botany
1993 Stephen Nowicki, Assistant Professor Zoology


Sunshine HillygusHoward D. Johnson Award

D. Sunshine Hillygus, Professor, Political Science

From colleagues: “What really sets her apart…is the intimate connection she has created and fostered between her research and her teaching. It is not easy to translate research work in social sciences into the classroom. Dr. Hillygus has shown that it is not only possible, but that such research activity for students can take the entire educational enterprise to another level.”


“Dr. Hillygus always gets perfect or near-perfect scores on the “welcoming and inclusive class environment” question because her approach is so collaborative. Her evaluations for quality of instruction and quality of courses range from 4.0 to 4.5 or better, and her courses are consistently full of students eager to work with her.”


From students: “It was fun to be able to engage in some of Dr. Hillygus' research. I worked on the interview side of things and enjoyed running the interviews. I'm glad I took this course at it helped me to begin to synthesize and consider what political science research looks like, and how/if I may or may not wish to conduct research in the future.”

Year Recipient Department
2019 D. Sunshine Hillygus Political Science
2018 Peter Feaver Political Science
2017 Jessica Namakkal International Comparative Studies
2016 Mark Goodacre Religious Studies
2015 Susan Thorne History
2014 James W. Roberts Economics
2013 Ralph Litzinger, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
2012 Laurent Dubois, Professor Romance Studies, History
2011 Michelle Connolly, Professor of the Practice Economics
2010 Laura R. Edwards, Professor History
2009 Peter English, Professor History
2008 Huseyin Yildirim, Associate Professor Economics
2007 Claudia Koonz, Professor History
2006 Thomas Robisheaux, Associate Professor History
2005 Edward Balleisen, Associate Professor History
2004 Michael Munger, Professor Political Science
2003 Lori Leachman, Associate Professor of the Practice Economics
2002 Allen Kelley, Professor Economics
2001 Craufurd Goodwin, Professor Economics
2000 Neil De Marchi, Professor Economics
1999 Frederick Mayer, Associate Professor Public Policy
1998 Daniel Graham, Professor Economics
1997 Anthony Brown, Professor of the Practice Public Policy
1996 Gary Gereffi, Professor Sociology
1995 Thomas McCollough, Professor Religion
1994 Helen Ladd, Professor Public Policy
1993 Albert Eldridge, Associate Professor Political Science
1992 Roy Weintraub, Professor Economics
1991 Kenneth Spenner, Professor Sociology
1990 Ole Holsti, Professor Political Science


Deb ReisingerRichard K. Lublin Award

Deborah Reisinger, Associate Professor of the Practice, Romance Studies

From colleagues: “Several keywords recur time and time again when one things of professor Reisinger and what she has done here at Duke: vision, imagination, innovation, experimentation, transformation, interdisciplinary, and intercultural. She has found creative ways to integrate all the core missions of the university – research, education, and community engagement.”


“Characterized by constant innovation, commitment to social engagement, and by its international, multilinguistic dimension, her ability to engender passion for languages and their study in her students is unique.”

Year Recipient Department
2019 Deborah Reisinger Romance Studies
2018 Robin Kirk Cultural Anthropology, International Comparative Studies
2017 Markos Hadjioannou Literature Program
2016 JoAnne VanTuyl Slavic & Eurasian Studies
2015 Michael Hardt Program in Literature
2014 Erdag Goknar Slavic & Eurasian Studies
2013 Purnima Shah, Dance Dance
2012 Michael Ferejohn, Associate Professor Philosophy
2011 Elena Maksimova, Professor of the Practice Slavic and Eurasian Studies
2010 Margaret Greer, Professor Romance Studies
2009 Andrew Janiak, Associate Professor Philosophy
2008 Wesley Kort, Professor Religion
2007 Lee Baker, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
2006 Jehanne Gheith, Associate Professor Slavic and Eurasian Studies
2005 Peter McIsaac, Assistant Professor Germanic Languages and Literature
2004 Christina Askounis, Lecturer English
2003 Naomi Quinn, Professor Cultural Anthropology
2002 Owen Astrachan, Professor of the Practice Computer Science
2001 Clare Tufts, Associate Professor of the Practice Romance Studies
2000 Ian Baucom, Assistant Professor English
1999 Guven Guzeldere, Assistant Professor Philosophy
1998 Marie Lynn Miranda, Professor Nicholas School of the Environment
1998 Clay Teliafero, Professor of the Practice Dance
1997 Malachi Hocohen, Assistant Professor History
1997 Deborah Pope, Professor English
1996 Paule Gronke, Assistant Professor Political Science
1996 Jennifer Thorn, Assistant Professor English
1995 David Bell, Professor Romance Studies
1995 Jean O'Barr, Professor Women's Studies
1994 Kristine Stiles, Associate Professor Art & Art History
1994 Wendy Luttrell, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
1993 Edna Andrews, Associate Professor Slavic Languages and Literature
1993 Lewis Blake, Assistant Professor of the Practice Mathematics


David MaloneAward for Excellence in Advising

The Award for Excellence in Advising, first presented in 2007, honors faculty and staff advisers who have helped guide undergraduates in the first two years at Duke.

David Malone, Professor of the Practice, Education

From students: “David always made himself super accessible. He always was interested in how I was doing at Duke, what I am passionate about as a person, and my involvement on campus.”


“He is incredibly receptive to listening and advising.  He cares about me as a human being, not just as a student, which is refreshing.  He was always willing to connect me to people who could help me.”




Lee SorensenLee Sorensen, Reference Librarian, University Libraries


From students: “Lee takes a genuine interest in getting to know his advisees and looking out for their best interest.  We didn’t just talk about school and classes; Lee always wanted to check up on how I was doing as a person and not just as a student.


“Lee was extremely knowledgeable and helpful whenever I had any questions. Lee always brightens your day, and he is always helpful. I could not have asked for a better advisor.

Year Recipient
2019 David Malone, Education
Lee Sorensen, University Libraries
2018 Franca Alphin, Community and Family Medicine
Rann Bar-On, Mathematics
2017 Catherine Admay, Public Policy
Sue Wasiolek, Student Affairs
2016 Lewis Blake, Mathematics
Lee Willard, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
2015 Deboran Johnson, Office of Undergraduate Education
Steve Baldwin, Chemistry
2014 Kelly Cottrell, Professional Development Institute


Marion QuiriciAward for Excellence in Teaching Writing

Marion Quirici, Lecturing Fellow, Thompson Writing Program

From colleagues: “The committee was very impressed by Marion’s course design, with the ways she scaffolds writing projects into stages, facilitates strong peer feedback, and invites students to see how their writing can make a difference.”


From students: “This teacher is AMAZING – so nice, so knowledgeable, and helpful. I highly recommend…any class taught by Professor Quirici.” Others said she “made me enjoy writing even more,” and “my writing improved a lot in her class as a result of very clear, skill-building activities.”


“I find myself applying the many discussions we have had not only to the other classes I am taking, but to everyday life as well.”


Award recipient names are maintained on the Thompson Writing Program website at this URL:


Len WhiteAlumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award (ADUTA)

Leonard White, Associate Professor, Psychology & Neuroscience

From students: "Dr. White goes above and beyond his duties as a lecturer. I truly believe he spends as much time preparing for his rigorous class sessions every week as his students, and he possesses a wealth of neuroscientific knowledge that is unmatched by that of anyone else I have ever met."


“Dr. White changed the way I think about the brain and about my own humanity…He absolutely promotes intellectual curiosity through his own love of the human brain, and his class inspired me to do all I can to delve deeper into learning about the organ that makes us who we are.”


"Rather than calling assessments 'tests' or 'quizzes,' Dr. White prefers the term 'readiness assurances.' He is the only professor I've had who assesses students not to see how well they've learned the material, but to see how well they can APPLY their knowledge to real-life situations and have fun while doing it. Dr. White values team learning above all else, and the fact that his course is team-based allows every student to come forward with his/her strengths and build off those of their peers. He is of the opinion that no question is too simple or obvious to discuss, and this commitment of his to building his students into the best scholars they can be is something I find quite remarkable."


Award recipient names are maintained on the Duke Alumni Associate website at this URL:


University Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award

Year Recipient Department
2013 Edna Andrews, Professor Slavic & Eurasian Studies
2011 William Chafe, Professor History


Teaching with Technology Award

This award, co-sponsored by the Center for Instructional Technology, recognizes teaching excellence with a significant technology component. The faculty winner will receive a $5,000 prize. The award is open to all faculty who teach Trinity College of Arts & Sciences undergraduates.

Evaluation criteria:

  • uses technology with a focus on student learning and engagement
  • collaborates and shares innovative aspects of the teaching experience to the broader community
  • assesses the impact of student learning
Year Recipient Department
2015 Connel Fullencamp Economics
2014 Denise Comer Thompson Writing Program
2013 Ronen Plesser, Associate Professor Physics


Dean's Distinguished Service Award

Year Recipient
2012 Ruth Day, Psychology & Neuroscience
2011 David Malone, Program in Education
2010 James Bonk, Chemistry
2009 Suzanne Shanahan, Sociology
2008 Mary T. Boatwright, Classical Studies
2007 Alvin Crumbliss, Chemistry


Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

Year Recipient Department
2016 Sherryl Broverman Biology