Gift Planning

A gift to Trinity College of Arts & Sciences can be part of a smart financial plan. Let the Trinity College development staff and the Office of Gift Planning at Duke University help you and your financial advisors develop a gift plan that meets your financial and philanthropic goals. A properly planned gift may help you reduce or eliminate capital gains and gift and estate taxes. You may realize immediate tax savings as well. You can explore the below options in more depth on Duke's Gift Planning website.

Life Income Gift

A life income gift, such as a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder unitrust, can provide you and/or your loved ones with an income for the duration of your lives or for a specific number of years. You receive a current income tax deduction as well.

Bequests and Other Testametary Gifts

The most common form of deferred gift to Duke is a bequest contained in a person's will or revocable (living) trust. Information on this page includes:

  • gifts by will,
  • gifts of retirement plans,
  • testimentary life-income gifts,
  • gifts of life insurance,
  • and retained life estate in property.

Charitable Lead Trusts

These trusts can be used to transfer assets to a loved one with a significantly reduced tax liability. Learn more.

Real Estate, Tangible Property, Securities

Learn more about these types of gifts including:

  • real estate: principal residence, vacation home, farm, commercial building, etc.
  • retained life estate in property: giving to Duke but retaining the property during your lifetime
  • gifts-in-kind: tickets to athletic events, rare books, art work, etc.
  • gifts of securities: stocks, bonds, mutual funds