Fundamental Concepts in Biology

The core of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and Duke University as a whole is a rigorous liberal-arts education led by world-renowned faculty. Now, the public can experience it too.

In this video series, Duke professors explain an entire biological concept from beginning to end in roughly 10 minutes. They offer an introduction to the insights a Duke education provides.


Why Biology Matters

With the help of author H.G. Wells, Professor Steve Nowicki explains how the study of biology has helped shape our understanding of ourselves, our health, and the world we live in.

Primate Evolution's Tangled Tree

Duke Associate Professor and MacArthur fellowship recipient Jenny Tung discusses tree metaphors, human evolution, and what might have happened when our ancestors ran into other extinct archaic hominins.



Evolution: A Brief History of Us

Professor Herman Pontzer discusses the last 7 million years of our species' history, from our ape-like past to the modern bodies we all live in today.

Genomes as Nature's Data Loggers

Professor Anne Yoder discusses how evidence-based conservation biology is one of our best approaches to mitigate Earth's current biodiversity crisis.



Ecology: The Study of Our House

How do organisms interact with one another and their environment? That's the study of ecology! Learn more about the way we're all tied together from Professor Jean Philippe Gibert.

Building Life Block by Block (Protein by Protein)

Assistant Professor of Biology Gustavo Silva discusses protein diversity as well as how the structure and function of protein can control life as we know it.



How Roots Develop

Why even study plants, much less roots? Professor Philip Benfey discusses root genetics and why plants are at the center of some of the major problems facing the world today.