Jaeden Toy

Jaeden Toy

Computer Science Ambassador


Class of 2025
Majors in Computer Science and Russian; Minor in Linguistics

At Duke, I'm involved in the Computer Science Department as a teaching assistant for the gateway Data Structures and Algorithms course and a grader for the introductory linear algebra course in the Math Department. I'm also a part of Bass Connections, where I'm on the Language, Music, and Dementia team studying the effects of multilingualism and musicianship on delaying the onset of dementia. Being involved on campus is very fulfilling and allows me to pursue a lot of different interests while connecting with fellow students and faculty members. Outside of the classroom, I am involved in Duke Swing, which is probably the most fun club that exists on this campus (not biased at all). After working in industry for a little bit, I would really like to go to grad school and get my PhD to become a professor. That's my long-term goal.

Favorite Class: My favorite class at Duke has been MATH218D-1, which is a class that I grade homework for. It's incredibly rigorous and has a ton of material that needs to be internalized, but it really made me appreciate what it felt like to really learn a topic to a high degree of sophistication.