Panel of blue-washed images of 12 scholars

Today’s Faculty Reflect on a Century of Scholars

One of the most important jazz composers in American history.  A mentor and outspoken advocate for scholars of race. The preeminent physiologist of the second half of the 20th century. A pioneering model for women.

For more than a century, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences has been home to renowned and discipline-defining academics. The research and scholarship foregrounded by these thought leaders influenced their respective fields and created new subfields in areas from math and physics to sociology and literature. They fostered lasting legacies of academic excellence that elevated the reputation of Duke University far beyond its regional roots.

Hear from a new generation of faculty leaders — and celebrated scholars in their own right — who have been mentored, influenced and encouraged by these titans of their fields, and who are following their paths and forging new ones into Duke’s second century.