Undergraduate Research Support Office Awarded Renewal of Amgren Scholars Program

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The Undergraduate Research Support Office is pleased to announce that Duke has been chosen to extend the Duke Amgen Scholars Program for Summer 2024. The program has hosted 57 Amgen Scholars representing 40 universities from 23 states since 2019.

The new cohort of Amgen Scholars will arrive at Duke in Summer 2024. These students will be paired with faculty mentors who lead cutting-edge research in biotechnology and drug discovery. Engaging in independent research aligned with the lab's ongoing projects, scholars will benefit from mentorship by a dedicated team comprising faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students.

Beyond the immersive research experiences facilitated by top-tier faculty, Amgen Scholars will actively participate in seminars, networking events and regional symposia. An important aspect of the program is the provision of financial support to these scholars, which ensures accessibility for students from diverse home institutions, regardless of their financial circumstances.

“Many of the students that participate in this program are coming from colleges and universities that might not provide opportunities for engagement in world-class research like Duke does,” said Jessica Harrell, Director of the Undergraduate Research Support Office.

“By investing in the training of these undergraduates by hosting them in their labs, faculty are poised to help recruit these talented students from various backgrounds to attend graduate school here.”

The Amgen Scholars Program was established in 2006 and has benefitted over 5,300 undergraduate students, who come from more than 900 colleges and universities. Many program alumni are currently pursuing or completing advanced graduate degrees within scientific disciplines. The program's influence extends globally, with alumni contributing their expertise to scientific fields in nearly 40 countries.

 “I have truly enjoyed being the director to help facilitate these opportunities and relationships (but the scholars do the work!),” said Jessica Sawyer, Director of the AMGEN Research Program “It's so rewarding to see them progress in their careers.”