Introduction to Impact Investing


Fall 2021

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In a world dominated by a desire for growth, sustainable and empowering impact has become inextricably tied with financial well-being, ranging from proper external investment strategy to appropriate internal allocation policies. To successfully innovate in the contemporary world, there will always be a requirement to understand the fascinating flows of money, the increasingly interconnected webs of wealth, not only to fund ideas but also to establish impact.   This course aims to bring attention to Impact Investing, a multifaceted field with roots in corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, development economics, and financial services. We will explore impact investing at the intersection of these usually distinct industries. By the end of this course, we will not only understand why impact investing is widely regarded as the most applicable pathway to social impact at scale, but also have developed the skill set necessary to implement and manage impact investment funds. 

  • Annabel Howell,
  • Gaurav Parikh,
  • Matthew Nash, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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