Symbols of Nationalism: The Power and Danger of Flags


Fall 2021

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Over the past months, years, and decades, as protests, marches, demonstrations, and proliferation of social media continue across the world in an era of globalization, the visibility of national symbols as markers of identity have grown as well, and have served as a way to unite, divide, restore, and destroy. This course serves as a space and structure to gain a greater global understanding of the rise of nationalism and of particular nations through the use of symbols such as flags, emblems, logos, etc.  Drawing upon other fields and branches within the social sciences such as history, sociology, political science, anthropology, semiotics, and vexillology (the study of flags themselves), this course looks to understand under a greater context the power that symbols of nationalism and nationhood have on identity, and why raising, banning, changing, and creating national symbols are complex process that call into question what is the nation.

  • Elaijah Lapay,
  • Jessica Namakkal, International Comparative Studies
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