Academic Deans

The academic deans are the Trinity College officers who oversee the academic progress of undergraduates in Trinity College. They implement and review academic policies as set forth by the university faculty. They award semester honors, advise students on academic problems and opportunities, give final approval for transfer credit, approve course withdrawals and leaves of absence, place students on probation and handle dismissals, and certify that each senior has met all graduation requirements, except those associated with majors, minors, and certificate programs.  

Each first-year student is assigned to an academic dean as they enter Duke and that dean will remain their academic dean until they graduate. Students can see the name of their academic dean on their Student Center Page on DukeHub. The academic deans also direct and coordinate college programs, including premajor and preprofessional advising, Program II, Undergraduate Research, Summer Session and Continuing Education, and Curriculum and Courses Development. 

For more information on the Trinity academic deans, their support of students, and contact information, see: