Courses: Changing a Cross-Listing

Beginning in Summer 2013, students seeking to enroll in a course cross-listed in two or more departments can enroll in the cross-listing of their choosing up to the total limit on enrollment in that course. Moreover, there will be only one waitlist per course, regardless whether it is cross-listed in two or more departments.

Occasionally, a student who is enrolled in or has taken in the past a course cross-listed in two or more departments may wish to change the cross-listing—for example, from AMI 201: Introduction to Film to its English cross-listing, ENGLISH 181. This can be done by filling out a form on the Registrar's website (look under Student Records and then Forms ).

Note: No changes in enrollment will be made for students who have graduated or are no longer active.

Undergraduate Policy
Summary: There is flexibility in how a cross-listed course can appear on a student's transcript.