Courses: Interinstitutional


A Duke undergraduate regularly enrolled as a fulll-time degree-seeking student and paying full fees can sign up for one course at UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Charlotte, or UNC-Greensboro; NC Central University; or NC State University each semester through an interinstitutional agreement that exists between these institutions and Duke. You can take a course through the interinstitutional agreement only if:

  • it is not being offered at Duke during the same academic term;
  • you take it for credit (no audits); and
  • you take it for a letter grade (no S/U option).
  • students must be enrolled full-time in order to take a course using the interinstitutional agreement

Under the same conditions, one interinstitutional course per summer may be taken at a neighboring institution participating in the agreement provided that the student is concurrently enrolled at Duke for one full course credit.

Grades for interinstitutional courses will appear on your transcript and will be factored into your grade point average. If approved by the appropriate director of undergraduate studies at Duke and by your academic dean, the courses may count toward Areas of Knowledge. You may also request Modes of Inquiry codes for courses taken after May 10, 2004. Information on interinstitutional courses can be found at the Registrar's Web site.


1. Approval of Enrollment in Course

Fill out an Interinstitutional Course Approval Form (below) and have it approved and signed by the director of undergraduate studies in the Duke department in which the course would fall. Then have the form signed by your academic dean, who will see that a copy of the form is sent to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will facilitate your actual enrollment in the course at the other institution and you will be notified.

ONLINE FORM: Interinstitutional Course Approval Form
2. Approval of Area of Knowledge Codes

Complete the form Interinstitutional Course: Request for Area of Knowledge Coding (below) and take it, along with the form mentioned in section A above, to the director of undergraduate studies and your academic dean. Approval of Area of Knowledge codes, if appropriate, is usually done at the same time you have the course itself approved (see A above).



3. Approval of Modes of Inquiry for Interinstitutional Courses taken after May 10, 2004

To apply for a particular Mode of Inquiry, complete the Interinstitutional Course: Request for Modes of Inquiry Coding (below). Attach appropriate documentation and submit the form to the Transfer Course Coding Committee in 011 Allen Building by the deadline noted on the form. (Completion of the form and provision of documentation does not guarantee that the request will be approved by the committee.)



Note: Students are expected to have submitted Mode of Inquiry requests (as well as Area of Knowledge requests, if not submitted earlier) immediately after completing the course but no later than the end of the 4th week of classes in the subsequent fall or spring term.

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