Academic Communication Best Practices

*IMPORTANT* Trinity College uses email as the official means of communication with students.

  • Unless they state otherwise, deans, faculty, and administrators will reach out to you via your email address.






Procedures and Best Practices

As a young adult and aspiring professional, note the following email practices:

  • Check email at least twice a day.
    • Respond to emails from Duke staff within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the email.
      • If you need more time to collect your thoughts, a best practice is to email the sender a brief reply indicating that you received their email and will soon have a more complete response to send them.
    • Even when a response does not seem necessary, a best practice is to send a quick “Thank you” to let the sender know you have read and understood it.


  • Appropriate terms of address:
    • Deans: Dean _____ or Dr. _____
    • Faculty:  Professor _____ or Dr. _____ (Ph.D. after last name indicates Dr.)
    • Administrators:  Ms. _____, Mr. _____ or Dr. _____ (if Ph.D. in their Duke bio)