Research Independent Study - Writing Code


One Research Independent Study (1.0 course credit coded R) may be submitted for approval for the Writing in the Disciplines designation if the student and research independent study advisor petition for such a designation before the end of the drop/add period in the semester in which the course is taken. (Research Independent Study courses cannot carry curriculum codes other than R and W.)


Inquire as to whether your research advisor is willing to sponsor a Research Independent Study that would involve a significant writing component. If you and your advisor agree to the writing criteria requirements as described below, you must jointly complete the Request for Writing Code (W) for Research Independent Study Course (below) and submit it to the Committee on Courses, or faxed to 684-8494, 011 Allen Bldg, before the end of the drop/add period.  

Writing Criteria

A W-designated Research Independent Study should, as much as possible, follow these guidelines for W-designated courses:

  • the student should write frequently throughout the term—periodically submitting either several discrete writing projects or drafts or sections of a longer project;
  • the faculty member should comment on these writings with advice toward revision;
  • the student and faculty member should meet regularly to discuss the student's writings;
  • the uses of writing in the discipline should be one of the focuses of the Research Independent Study; and
  • a significant percentage of the grade awarded for a W-designated Research Independent Study should reflect the growth and quality of the student's work as a writer.


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