Liguo Zhang, Ph.D.

Liguo Zhang, Ph.D.
Office location:

Flowers Building, Suite 214, 404 Chapel Drive, Box 90036, Durham, NC 27708

Phone: (919) 613-0422



Academic Dean for Duke Kunshan University (DKU) Undergraduate Students at Duke, visiting International Students, and Interdepartmental Majors.

About me:

Born in a small town in Shandong Province, China, I pursued my passion for science and earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Nankai University in 2005. Afterward, I moved to the United States to further my research, focusing on the regulation of cell apoptosis in cancer biology. I joined Duke in 2009, first as a Senior Research Associate and then as an Assistant Professor of Medicine. Since 2015, I have taken on more administrative roles and become deeply involved in undergraduate education, which led to my current role as an Academic Dean in 2019.

As an Academic Dean, I am passionate about empowering students to thrive at Duke and beyond. I am dedicated to supporting students in navigating their studies and campus life, ensuring they receive the guidance and resources necessary for their intellectual and personal development, achieve their full potential, and prepare for a successful future.