Courses: Dropping, Adding, Course Corrections

The drop/add period for fall and spring semesters runs through the first two weeks of each semester. During this time, you can drop and add courses to your schedule. 

The third week of each fall/spring semester is the Schedule Correction Period, but schedule changes during this time are only possible with the approval of your Academic Dean and in limited circumstances. 


  • summer sessions have a much shorter drop/add period than regular semesters, so make sure to check the deadline date! 

1st and 2nd week of classes:

  • you can drop a course without needing permission from your instructor or academic dean.
  • Once a course is officially dropped, it will not appear on your Duke transcript.

After drop/add ends:

  • you can no longer "drop" a course, but you may be able to withdraw from a course, with the approval of your academic dean.
  • You will receive a “W” on your transcript instead of a final grade. There are special requirements for withdrawing from a course during the semester, including a withdrawal deadline.

1st week of classes:

  • you can add courses without permission from your academic dean or instructors (unless instructor permission is specified).

2nd week of classes:

  • you can add courses but only with permission from the instructor.
  • The instructor must give you a permission code which will be required to register for the class.

The 3rd week of every fall and spring semester is the Schedule Correction Period:

  • Schedule Correction week is not an extension of the drop/add period.
  1. You must have permission of the instructor to add a course at this time, including their confirmation that you have been in regular attendance since before the end of add/drop period.
  2. Once you have the permission of the instructor, you must also get permission from your dean to add a course at this time