Graduation: Part-Time Status


Graduating seniors who need fewer than 3.0 course credits to graduate may request permission to study on a part-time basis in their last semester of enrollment. To do so, present your request to your academic dean as soon as you know that you want to be enrolled part-time but no later than the last business day before the first day of classes of your last semester of enrollment (see Part-Time Enrollment Form below).

As a part-time student, you may enroll in no less than one (1.0) and no more than two-and-a half (2.5) course credits.  A course that is audited is included in the maximum of 2.5 course credits.   Part-time students are charged tuition on a per credit basis.  There is information on tuition costs in the Undergraduate Bulletin, under Financial Information.  Or you may call the Bursar's Office and ask for current tuition fees for part-time status.  If part-time, you retain access to all university resources and amenities.   However, housing is not guaranteed and may be denied.  And there could be financial aid implications.  Discuss your eligibility for housing with Housing, Dining and Residence Life (HDRL) and the financial aid implications with your financial aid officer. To discuss your eligibility for part-time status, confer with your academic dean.


To apply for part-time status in your last semester at Duke, complete the following form and submit it to the office of your academic dean no later than the last business day before the first day of classes of your last semester of undergraduate enrollment.                 

ONLINE FORM: Part-Time Enrollment Form

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