Robertson Scholars: Academic Responsibilities

Robertson Scholars at Duke University, even when enrolled in courses at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, are subject to the academic policies, requirements, and deadlines of all other Duke undergraduates. While you are subject to the course policies of your UNC instructors, as a Duke student you are otherwise subject to Duke's academic policies, not those of the University of North Carolina.

  • Scholars must follow all of Duke’s procedures and deadlines regarding drop/add, course withdrawals, etc. For more information, go to the website for Duke’s Office of the University Registrar.
  • Scholars are expected to submit the completed course approval form prior to or immediately upon registering for a UNC-CH course, but must do so no later than one week after the first day of classes at Duke.
  • Like all Duke Students, Robertson Scholars are expected to enroll in a full (4-course) schedule that may include one or more UNC-CH courses per semester; a 3-4 hour UNC-CH course is the equivalent of one course credit at Duke.
  • Like all Duke Students, Robertson Scholars must meet with their advisors prior to registration to discuss and have their proposed schedules approved.
  • Scholars may take up to 8 course credits at UNC-CH to satisfy the 34 course credit requirement at Duke.
  • UNC-CH courses cannot be taken pass/fail, unless they are offered only as such. Grades for UNC-CH courses are recorded on the Duke academic record and are computed in the Duke GPA.
  • Scholars who wish to take a course that is part of a sequence, e.g., organic chemistry, may not do so unless the sequencing and course content are similar to that offered at Duke.
  • No fewer than half of the courses that count toward a major, minor or certificate at Duke must be taken at Duke, though departments may set higher standards if they wish.

In order to register for one or more courses at UNC-CH, you must complete and submit a Robertson Scholar Cross Campus Enrollment Form. Accompanying the form are instructions for obtaining course authorization and assignment of curricular codes. Some courses and their codes are pre-approved for enrollment.

These course registration procedures apply to Robertson Scholars, only. Other students interested in enrolling in courses at neighboring institutions are subject to policies governing the Interinstitutional Program agreement.

Robertson Courses with Pre-Approved Curricular Codes