Graduation: Ninth Semester of Enrollment

Undergraduates at Duke are expected to complete either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in eight semesters of enrollment. This period may be extended for one fall or spring semester by a student’s academic dean for an academic reason.  Students granted an addition semester to complete further academic work are expected to finish that work and graduate after the ninth semester. Students granted a 9th semester to fulfill their athletic eligibility will be granted a 9th semester coinciding with their athletic season. Accordingly, when the athletic season is in the spring the student athlete will normally be expected to take a leave of absence in the previous fall semester. In the rare situation in which a student athlete's eligibility and season span both fall and spring, the circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Students are never permitted to enroll at Duke for more than ten undergraduate semesters.

 In order to remain at Duke for a ninth fall or spring semester you must receive permission from your academic dean, whose signature is required on the following form:

ONLINE FORM: Ninth Semester of Enrollment

If you receive financial aid and are interested in extending your time at Duke, you must abide by the regulations of the Duke Office of Financial Aid. If you are unable to complete the requirements for graduation within eight semesters and two summer terms, the Office of Financial Aid will consider providing financial aid for an additional summer term or ninth semester only if the need is validated and the aid requested by your academic dean. No financial aid may be provided if you have completed the requirements for graduation and request an additional semester at Duke because of a change in major or a desire to complete an additional program of study. A tenth semester of financial aid is not awarded.

Note: students enrolled as undergraduates in a 9th semester are not guaranteed university housing.

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