Tuition Refund Policies

Refunds in a Fall or Spring Term

If you withdraw, are withdrawn, or take a leave of absence from the university while a fall or spring semester is in progress, you may be eligible for a refund of tuition. The amount of tuition refunded depends upon the effective date of your separation from Duke, according to the following schedule:



Before classes begin Full Amount
During first or second week 80 percent
During third, fourth, or fifth week 60 percent
During sixth week 20 percent
After sixth week None

If there is a refund, you or your parents may elect to have the tuition refunded or carried forward as a credit for later study. Tuition charges paid from grants or loans will be restored to those funds on the same pro rata basis and will not be refunded or carried forward. In the event of death, the full tuition, fees, and residence hall refund will be granted. In case of a call to military service, a full semester's tuition, full purchase price of textbooks from the university's book store, and the pro rata amount of the room charge will be refunded. The outstanding balance of the food service plan will be refunded in case of military service or death.

In the case of dropping special fee courses (e.g., music, art, golf), or of part-time students dropping audit courses, a full refund will be granted during the drop-add period. Students changing status to part-time are required to request permission at the time of preregistration; therefore, no refunds are granted during the drop/add period or subsequently for changes which involve carrying less than a full-time load.

Because Duke University participates in the Title IV federal aid programs, it follows federal guidelines with respect to the refund and repayment of these funds. All first-time students who withdraw within 60 percent of the enrollment period will have their charges and financial aid adjusted according to the federal regulations. Additional information regarding this procedure may be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.

Refunds and Withdrawal Charges in a Summer Term

If you drop or withdraw from a summer school course before the first day of that term, you will be refunded full tuition and fees.

If you drop or withdraw from a summer school course during the first three days of the term, you will be charged an administrative fee of $150 per course. The health fee is not refunded. There is no charge if you drop one course and add another so that there is no change in your final course load for that term.

If you withdraw from a summer school course after the third day of that term, you are responsible for full tuition and fees, regardless of whether you have attended the course or not.

Refunds in Other Circumstances

Refunds of tuition while on Study Abroad programs are separate; you should consult with the Global Education Office. If you are being withdrawn from Duke due to disciplinary suspension, tuition reimbursement may be more complex.  See the section on Disciplinary Suspension for details. 

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