Withdrawal: Voluntary


You may choose to withdraw from Duke for health or financial issues, for transfer to another college, or for personal reasons. Withdrawal is done through the Time Away Office. Once withdrawn, you may apply to return later, but with restrictions. You may not apply for readmission for the subsequent semester. If you have enrolled at another institution while withdrawn, you are subject to the restrictions on allowable transfer credit (e.g., the maximum number of institutional transfer credits is 2.0 credits). 


To withdraw, you must meet with the Time Away Office. If withdrawing before the beginning of classes in any term, the Time Away Office will close your student record, delete any future enrollments and notify all appropriate offices. If you withdraw while a semester is in progress, the Time Away Office will assign a W in lieu of a final grade for each course as long as you withdraw between the first day of class and the first day of the last four weeks of class in a fall or spring term (or before the last two weeks of classes in a summer term). After these dates, an F grade will be assigned for each course unless the withdrawal is caused by an emergency beyond your control. In this case, the Time Away Office may assign a W instead. You will also be responsible for tuition and fees. You may not withdraw in a semester once the last day of classes has passed.

Questions about withdrawing should be directed to The Time Away Office. Questions about financial obligations should be directed to the Bursar's Office.  For information on tuition, fees and refunds, see Tuition Refund Policies.  f you are on financial aid and having difficulty with finances, contact Financial Aid. If you withdraw and have student loans, you must be in touch with the Student Loan Office to complete a Student Loan Exit Interview and to receive information on how to manage any loan payments that may become due while you are not enrolled. For information on returning from a voluntary withdrawal, see the Time Away Office website.

If you voluntarily withdraw from Duke see General Policies/Expectations While Away on the Time Away Office website.