Active Student Status

Undergraduate students enrolled in courses during a fall or spring semester or a summer session are considered active students and are entitled to all the rights and responsibilities of membership in Trinity College and Pratt School of Engineering.

A student can separate from the University for one of the following reasons:

When a student separates from the university, he/she is subject to certain restrictions on his or her participation in activities and facilities on campus.  He/she cannot enter university residential buildings (permission under the Housing Guest Policy does not apply), participate in student activities, attend or audit a Duke course, or use student resources or services.  He/she is not eligible to work for Duke University in job categories reserved for students, nor should he/she present themselves as an active student to hiring personnel.  If a student has been hired in a position on the basis of his/her student status and subsequently takes a leave of absence or is withdrawn, the student should immediately inform his/her academic dean and the hiring personnel.  If a student believes there are compelling reasons to access resources on campus, he/she should submit a written request to his/her academic dean for special dispensation for limited access to specific campus resources.  Students who do not adhere to this policy jeopardize their ability to return to Duke.  Students who are separated from the university may attend Duke sporting events that are open to the general public, eat in on-campus restaurants, attend services in the Chapel, make use of university medical services, and seek employment in a position for which members of the Durham community might apply.

If you have any questions about your rights and responsibilities when not an active student, please contact your academic dean.